We approach technology initiatives with a business context

At xFusion, we understand that Business-Technology alignment is the key to enabling an on-demand organization that can respond to changes quickly and effectively.

Change is the only constant! Organizations go through continuous changes, driven by various factors: globalization, business process outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions, emerging technologies, changes in compliance requirements, and new market demands that require an organization to be agile. Your ability to respond to those changes efficiently determines whether or not you will survive and excel in today’s marketplace.

When responding to change, organizations should be able to leverage existing investments in application infrastructure to address newer business requirements and support new channels of interactions with customers, partners, and suppliers. The architecture of the company must support organic business growth.

Most enterprises face challenges due to lack of alignment of business and IT strategies and priorities, inflexibility in business and IT architecture, and a lack of standardized information architecture. These shortcomings create other issues, notably: the prevention of semantic interoperability, lower quality information services, lack of optimized use of capital investment in infrastructure, as well as challenges associated to reusability, interoperability, security and compliance.

At xFusion, we approach technology initiatives with a business context; this enables us to seek tangible outcomes desired by the client through alignment of business and technology goals.

  • Achieve greater strategic agility
  • Create innovative business models
  • Manufacture greater business process adaptability
  • Improve productivity & reduce cost
  • Create business-driven technology architecture
  • Improve flexibility of IT architecture
  • Reduce cost of maintaining existing capabilities
  • Increase investment for innovation and building new products, services, and capabilities