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xClaim is a multitenant, cloud based and in-premise solution built on a state of the art architecture foundation and modern technology platform. xClaim supports Claims Submission, Adjudication, and Accounting functions for various types of Health Care and Public Welfare Programs.

  • County Expense Claims from the Counties for Public Welfare Programs
  • County Assistance Payments and Reimbursement Claims from the Counties for Public Welfare Programs
  • Health Care Claims and Cost Settlement

xf5Knowledge In-Sourcing is extremely critical – analyze and document your existing business processes, Stakeholders, Use Cases, Technical Architecture Components, Data, and Business Rules and identifying the challenges and pain points associated to your current environment.

The in-sourced knowledge about your current environment and understanding of current challenges and pain points will serve as key inputs for your subsequent modernization planning phases – To-Be Architecture definition, Modernization Strategy and Roadmap definition, Costing, To-be requirements definition and Funding activities.

Our integrated framework, xPlore is built with process, tools and best practices that will help end to end Legacy Systems Modernization planning effort from As-Is Architecture Analysis, To-Be Architecture and Strategy Definition and Funding and Procurement phases in extremely efficient and cost effective manner.

Planning for Modernization of your Legacy Systems? It’s critical to have clear understanding on the following about your current Business Process, System, Data and Interfaces in order to successfully modernize your legacy systems.
  • Who are the key Business Stakeholders?
  • Who are the System Partners?
  • What Business Functions and Process supported by the legacy system today?
  • Are there any Business functions that are also offered by other systems across the Enterprise and are there any reuse potential?
  • What are the key data elements definitions, conceptual and logical data models that are exchanged, processed and stored by the legacy system?
  • What's the current state of Data Sharing and Data Storage Architecture?
  • What are the key Sub-systems, Modules, Transactions and Interfaces?
  • What's the current state of the Technical Architecture?
  • What are the current business and technical challenges and pain points?
  • Are the Business Goals and Objectives for the Modernization clearly defined?


xCellence is a multitenant cloud based and in-premise solution to manage and govern the end to end lifecycle of the enterprise assets. Using xCellence you can manage and govern the lifecycle of virtually any enterprise asset such as Business and Technical Services, Applications, Platform Software, Databases, Servers, Storage etc. with the ability of defining your own enterprise specific asset types. xClellence allows sophisticated Design-Time Governance by exploring existing enterprise assets and their reusability for current and future needs. It also allows to manage the dependencies between the enterprise assets for effective change impact analysis.

xMod API Suite offers cloud based and in-premise business and technical functions as a Modular, Reusable & Interoperable API. The APIs are designed for interoperability using Open Interface Standards such as XML, WSDL, REST, and SOAP etc. These APIs are reusable that can be shared by any service or application across your organization and can significantly reduce your implementation and operational costs.